Disk space 1GB 2GB 5GB 10GB
Traffic 20GB 30GB 50GB 100GB
CPU(1) (MHz) 200 400 800 1200
Memory(2) (MB) 64 128 192 256
Price / month (including tax) € 10 € 19 € 28 € 38
Price / yr (including tax) € 120 € 228 € 336 € 456
  • (1) Remember this is the guaranteed amount of cpu cycles. Usually your applications can use much more (up to 2*2.80 Ghz)
  • (2) Also this is the guaranteed amount of RAM. You can use more RAM than the guaranteed amount as long as other applications don't need it.

Why choose for a VPS?

  • You get your own ip
  • You have root access: install whatever software you want and configure it like you want.
  • You pay for a guaranteed amount of cpu cycles and memory. You always at least get these. The table above specifies the guaranteed amount. When your VPS is busy and our server is relatively not busy, your VPS will get more resources. This means you get more speed than what you paid for!
  • Security: your VPS is totally isolated from everything else running on our systems.
  • It's considerably cheaper than your own dedicated or colocated server if you expect your server to be idle often.
  • Choose your own Linux distribution. We recommend Debian, but we can install most other distro's on request.
  • You can upgrade every part of a VPS at a small additional fee (more ram, disk space, etc). You don't need to move to another server or buy new hardware (as opposed to dedicated/colocated hosting).

When not to choose for a VPS?

  • You don't have the expertise to configure all the software yourself or don't have the budget to hire someone for it.
  • You want another operating system than Linux

Not sure yet?

  • Contact us for more information!